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By applying the SEP-approach the control systems and logistic resource designed for ULS Schipol were evaluated before implementation and commissioning. The paper tackles the problem of managing uncertainties during the execution of predictive schedules in a dynamic environment. The dynamic environment in question is represented by a chrono trigger ds rom games for pc simulation model which constitutes a coherent part of a Digital Factory solution. The model is connected to an integrated production planner and job-shop scheduler system with flexible modelling capabilities and powerful, scalable solution methods.

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Parallel to these scheduling methods, new techniques have been tested as well. As part of the TRP study "Linux & Multi Core Processor Technology for Simulators", the possibility of applying parallelization for operational simulators was studied.

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The paper addresses the simulation module of the architecture highlighting its main functionalities. The paper also shows the potential of using the simulation model in two different ways. Both applications support the production planning and scheduling decision making process, but from two different viewpoints.

In the second phase emulation models are made of the logistics resources. The emulated logistic resources are controlled by the simulated control system. In the third phase the simulated control system controls prototypes of logistics resources. In the fourth and final phase combinations of simulated, emulated, and prototype logistic resources are used simultaneously, all controlled by the simulated control system.

From the theoretical study, a conservative PDES method was selected as the most suitable. A naive version of this method was prototyped inside the Simulus runtime simulation environment Simsat. Based on the prototype and the knowledge of how operational simulators are built up, key issues for the success of a PDES scheduler have been identified. OLE Process Control is an industry standard that facilitates the communication between PCs and Programmable Logic Controllers .

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Within the integrated hierarchical architecture the schedules are calculated by a constraint-based deterministic scheduling algorithm. Results of experiments which were achieved by using the model of a real, large job-shop environment are also provided.

In the study focuses on the control of a transportation unit and automated storage and retrieval system are focused on. A complex simulation study has been carried out to be able to analyze, improve and evaluate the control system. In our work, we analysed the influence of the scheduling methods currently applied in the production system.

On the one hand, the model presented in the paper can be applied as a schedule evaluator, on the other, it can serve as a simulation-based scheduler as well. A brief description about possible schedule evaluation criteria is also provided.

The SEP approach was successfully applied to evaluate automated guided vehicles and material handling stations for the underground Logistic System Schipol. The ULS Schipol is future large-scale automated logistic system in the Netherlands.

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